Das Weingut Raymond Vineyards - Kalifornien USA
Land: USA/Kalifornien
Webseite: www.raymondvineyards.com
Adresse: Raymond Vineyards, 849 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena, CA 94574, Napa Valley, Kalifornien / USA, Phone-USA. 1(800) 525 2659 or +1 707 963 3141

Raymond Vineyards - Napa Valley Kalifornien USA

Das Weingut RAYMOND VINEYARDS befindet sich im kalifornischen Weinanbaugebiet Napa Valley, gleich beim Städtchen Rutherford, circa 25 Autominuten (17 Miles) nördlich des Wein-Städtchens Napa und gut 1 1/4 Autostunden (64 Miles) nördlich von San Francisco.

Alle Weine von Raymond können täglich von 10.00 - 16.00 Uhr im Tasting-Room auf dem Weingut degustiert und eingekauft werden. Kleine Häppchen sind erhältlich. Private Lunch oder Dinner-Events nach Voranmeldung!

Raymond Tasting Experience:
- Main Salon Tasting (1 Stunde Wein-Degustation $25)
- The Crystal Experience (1 Stunde Wein-Degustation $30)
- Barrel Tasting (1 Stunde Wein-Degustation $40)
- Libary Tasting (1 Stunde Wein-Degustation $55)
- Red Room Tasting (1,5 Stunden Wein-Degustation $60)
- Red Room Privé (1,5 Stunden Wein-Degustation $85)
- Winery Tour (1,5 Stunden Weinkeller-Führung mit Degustation $50)
- Winemaker for a Day (1,5 Stunden im Weinkeller mit einer eigens kreierten Flasche Wein zum mitnehmen $125)

Reservation für Weinkeller-Besichtigungen und spezielle Degustationen unbedingt unter: customerservice@raymondvineyards.com

Raymond Vineyards besitzt im Herzen des Napa Valley bei Rutherford, St. Helena und Jameson Canyon 300 Aren beste Weinrebenlagen und keltert daraus fruchtbetonte und elegante Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Red Blends, Sauvignon Blanc und Chardonnay. Ausserdem produzieren sie ein feines Olivenoel. Raymond Vineyards ist Biologisch und Biodynamisch zertifiziert.

Zur Geschichte des kalifornischen Weinguts Raymond Vineyards:
RAYMOND VINEYARDS gehört zur - von JEAN-CHARLES & CLAUDINE BOISSET 1961 gegründeten - THE BOISSET COLLECTION mit den verschiedensten Weingüter in Frankreich, Kalifornien und Kanada. Der Hauptsitz von Boisset - heute geführt von Sohn JEAN-CHARLES BOISSET (siehe Bild ganz oben links) - befindet sich ebenfalls auf dem kalifornischen Raymond-Weingut:
ST. HELENA, CA 94574
Tel: 707.967.7667
Customer Service: CustomerService@Boisset.com

Die 1970 von SIR ROY RAYMOND und seinen zwei Söhnen ROY Jun. & WALTER (Bild ganz oben rechts) gegründete Weinkellerei ist - nach einem umfangreichen Umbau - ultramodern und verbindet altes Barriquewissen mit modernster Computertechnologie. Der Strombedarf wird zum Beispiel zu 100% aus Solar-Energie gewonnen.

Im Jahre 2009 wurde das Weingut Raymond Vineyards von der Boisset Family Collection übernommen. Seither ist Estates Präsident JEAN-CHARLES BOISSET für die Belange von Raymond Vineyards zuständig. Als Director of Winemaking fungiert STEPHANIE PUTMAN (grosses Bild Mitte), assistiert von KATY GEORGE (kleines Bild oben). In den Rebbergen ist der Vineyard-Manager ERIC POOLER (kleines Bild unten) zuständig.

Raymond Vineyards - Napa Valley California USA:
We are delighted to welcome you to our “family of families,” a diverse collection of unique wineries with deep historical and family roots in many of the world’s most prestigious terroirs. Transcending traditional boundaries, the Boisset Collection embraces audacity & innovation and unites Old World and New into the One World of Wine, offering an unparalleled exploration of terroir, heritage, vineyards and style. Boisset is a family-owned collection of historic and unique wineries bound together by a common cause: authentic, terroir-driven wines in harmony with their history, their future and the land and people essential to their existence. With more than twenty historical and prestigious wineries in the world’s preeminent terroirs, including the Côte d’Or, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, California’s Russian River Valley and the Napa Valley, each house retains its unique history, identity, and style, and all are united in the pursuit of fine wines expressive of their terroir.

Certified Biodynamic and organic, and 100% solar powered, RAYMOND VINEYARDS is one of Napa Valley`s iconic, pioneering wineries with roots in the earliest foundations of winegrowing. Founded in 1970, Raymond is a dynamic destination with a mission to ignite its guests passion for fine wine in an environment of exploration, creativity and whimsicality. A series of uniquely crafted experiences unlike any other in wine country gives visitors the opportunity to explore the world of wine in new and exciting ways. Whether you wish to relax in ultimate luxury in the legendary "Red Room", train your palate in the corridor of senses, unravel the mysteries of Biodynamic farming in the Theater of Nature, or have a private experience tasting Raymond`s exceptional wines with a wine educator, there is an experience for every level of wine lover from the newcomer to the lifelong collector.

Roy Raymond, Sr. and his two sons, Roy Jr., and Walter founded Raymond Vineyards in 1970. This father and sons team worked together to plant and build Raymond Vineyards.

The Raymond family and Napas history are closely linked. Roy Raymond Sr. arrived in the Napa Valley in 1933 and was hired as a cellar worker at Beringer Brothers Winery in St. Helena. He met Martha Jane Beringer and they were married in 1936. Martha Janes grandfather and granduncle, Jacob and Frederic Beringer, had founded their California winery in 1876 after emigrating from Germany. Her father, Otto Beringer steered the winery through the difficult period of Prohibition by producing sacramental wine for religious purposes. Roy Raymond Sr. was selected to help with the long process of rebuilding, after Prohibition was repealed. Roy and Martha Jane had two sons, Roy Jr. and Walter. Growing up in the Napa Valley, the boys spent many hours with their father in the winery and vineyards at Beringer. After attending college they took their places as 4th generation winemakers in the family business.

After Beringer Winery was sold in 1970, the Raymond family left to start making wine under the Raymond name. They purchased 90 acres just south of St. Helena in the geographic heart of Napa Valley. Their first harvest was in 1974. A metal farm building functioned as their winery for the first few years, the grapes were unloaded with pitchforks and shovels, and the tasting room and offices were in Roy Sr.s backyard pool house! The quality of the wines attracted immediate attention from wine journalists, competitions and the public. Raymond wines now earn accolades across the country for their elegance, balance and finesse.

Roy, Jr. was the winerys Executive Advisor. Walter was President and heads up winemaking and all production activities. Roy Jr. has seen his son, Craig take over duties as Vineyard Manager. Walters daughter, Krisi has been involved in sales, marketing and winemaking. With the addition of this 5th generation, Raymond family members oversee all operations, from grape growing and winemaking to sales and marketing. Roy Sr. continued to be active in the family winery until shortly before his death in 1998. His kindness, generosity, strong work ethic and dedication to excellence continue to be an influence on a daily basis. The Raymond family and staff have been proud to carry on this 130 year old tradition of creating fine Napa Valley wines in a close knit family tradition.

In 2009, Raymond Vineyards became a part of the Boisset Family Estates collection of wineries. Each house within the Boisset collection boasts a unique history, identity, style, personality, and terroir focus. Many, like Raymond, were built on the strength of long family histories. Now, once again family-owned (Japanese brewer Kirin had purchased the winery in 1989), the Raymond winery is undergoing an exciting evolution with a commitment to enhancing the winery’s reputation as one of Napa’s pioneering premier producers.

Today, inspired by the vision of Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, Raymond is a dynamic destination dedicated to inspiring its guests’ passion for fine wine in an environment of exploration, creativity, and elegant whimsicality, where each in a series of diverse experiences progresses visitors into another world of discovery and exceptional wines.

Stephanie Putnam:
Stephanie Putnam is the Director of Winemaking at Raymond Vineyards, where she oversees all aspects of winemaking for this iconic Napa Valley winery.

Kathy George:
As Assistant Winemaker, Kathy George is involved in all aspects of wine production for Raymond Vineyards, including tasting evaluation, blending, quality control, supervising the bottling and providing lab analysis. She has been a member of the Raymond Vineyards winemaking team since 1990.

Eric Pooler:
Eric Pooler is the Vineyard Manager at Raymond Vineyards, overseeing 300 acres of estate vineyards, as well as a dozen local winegrowers. Dedicated to farming in a sustainable and healthy manner, Eric is currently managing Raymond Vineyards transition towards organic and Biodynamic® certification for its estate vineyards.

Raymond Vineyards:
Raymond Vineyards has over 300 acres of estate vineyards in the Napa Valley, in 3 locations:
>St. Helena Vineyard
>Rutherford Vineyard
>Jameson Canyon Vineyard
Each parcel is matched to varietals which perform well in that particular climate and soil type. In addition, the winery maintains long term growing contracts with over 15 Napa Valley growers, allowing the winery to take advantage of the micro-climates and sub-appellations within the Napa Valley.

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