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Rotwein - Bacio Divino Reserve

Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
gehaltvoller, trockener Rotwein
Passt zu
einfach mit Brot/Snack
gereiften Käse
rotes Fleisch saignant gebraten
kräftige Fleischgerichte
Steak in allen Variationen
bei 16-18 Grad servieren
schlanke, grosse Gläser
opt. Trinkreife
4-14 Jahre
88.50 Fr.
Menge �ndern
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Rotwein Bacio Divino Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Kalifornien USA 14,5 Vol.%

Der kalifornische Rotwein Bacio Divino Reserve besteht aus den Traubensorten:
- 96% Cabernet Sauvignon
- 3% Syrah
- 1% Sangiovese

Cabernet Sauvignon von den Weinrebenlagen:
- Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard
- Georges III Vineyard
- Beckstoffer Missouri Hopper Vineyard
- Cloudy’s Vineyard
im Napa County, Kalifornien USA.

Syrah von der Weinrebenlage:
- Caldwell Vineyard (Coombsville), Napa County, Kalifornien USA.

Sangiovese von den Weinrebenlage:
- in Oakville, Napa County, Kalifornien USA.

Nach der Fermentation wurde der Rotwein Bacio Divino Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon für 22 Monate in 100% neuen französischen Eichen Weinfässern - Taransauld-Barrique - ausgebaut. Ungeschönt und unfiltriert in Flaschen abgefüllt, anschliessend mind. 10 Monate im Weinkeller ruhen lassen. Im Frühling 2011 in den Verkauf gebracht.
Weinproduktion des Rotweins Bacio Divino: 717 Weinkisten.

Der kalifornische Rotwein Bacio Divino Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon zeigt tiefdunkles Rubinrot.

Betörende Nase, Kaffee- und Schokonoten mit einem Hauch von weissem Pfeffer, Veilchen, Cassis, schwarze Kirschen und Vanille.

Mundfüllender Gaumen, dicht und extraktreich, sehr ausgewogen. Im Abgang ausgesprochen lang anhaltend. Ein perfekter kalifornischer Food-Rotwein Bacio Divino Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, dem genügend Zeit zum Atmen (Öffnen und Dekantieren) eingeräumt werden sollte.

Dieser aussergewöhnliche kalifornische Blend Rotwein Bacio Divino wird unter der Federführung des Schweizers Claus Janzen, dem ehemaligen Export-Manager von Caymus Vineyards, hergestellt. Er ist wohl als Antwort auf seine langjährige Arbeit bei Caymus zu verstehen und entsprang dem Wunsch, eine eigene Kreation zu schaffen. Und dies ist ihm wahrlich gut gelungen!

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OWNER: The Janzen Family.
WINEMAKERS NOTES Kirk Venge & Claus Janzen:
Elements of black cherries, sweet oak, fresh herbs and earthy spices are combined in the Aromas of this elegantly balanced Bacio Divino Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The palate offers a focused, deep and refined character with notes of ripe cherries, leather and hints of cedar. It is fairly supple on entry with fine-grained Tannins showing on the latter-palate. This Bacio Divino Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon wine will show best in four or five years, but does not Need protracted aging.

Rotwein Bacio Divino Cellars Bacio Divino Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Wein Napa Valley Kalifornien Nordamerika USA Rotweine

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Das Weingut Bacio Divino Cellars - Kalifornien USA
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Land: USA/Kalifornien
Webseite: www.baciodivino.com
Adresse: Bacio Divino Cellars, Calistoga, Rutherford, Napa Valley, CA 94573, Kalifornien / USA, Tel: +1 707 942 8101

Bacio Divino Cellars - Napa Valley Kalifornien USA

Das Weingut BACIO DIVINO CELLARS befindet sich im Weinanbaugebiet Napa Valley im Distrikt Rutherford, ganz in der Nähe des kalifornischen Örtchens Calistoga, gut 40 Minuten (30 Miles) vom Weinstädtchen Napa und 1,5 - 2 Autostunden (75 Miles) nördlich von San Francisco entfernt.

Die kleine Weinfarm ist nicht öffentlich zugänglich!
Die Bacio Divino-Weine können jedoch an verschiedenen Orten in der Umgebung degustiert und eingekauft werden. ZB. im Calistoga Wine Stop, 1458 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga CA 94515.

Gründer & Besitzer: The Janzen Family
Consulting Winemaker: Kirk Venge
Sales Manager: Cam Christie

Zur Geschichte des kalifornischen Weinguts Bacio Divino Cellars:
BACIO DIVINO CELLARS wurde 1993 vom Ehepaar CLAUS und DIANA JANZEN - mit Schweizer Wurzeln - gegründet. Davor war Claus Janzen 12 Jahre auf dem kalifornischen Weingut CAYMUS im Marketing beschäftigt. Eine gute Basis für seine anschliessende Selbständigkeit im Wein-Business.

Die Janzen Familie besitzt drei kleine Rebberge:
- der Kleinste Sherry`s Acre (1,2 Aren),
- Meadows Vineyard von einem kleinen Wald umgeben (1,8 Aren).
- Cloudy`s Vineyard in den Hügeln gelegen (2 Aren)

Von diesen drei Weinrebenlage und ausgesuchten Traubenbauern im Napa Valley produziert die Janzen Familie - Claus, Diana und Sohn Kyle (Bild ganz oben von links nach rechts) - mit Berater-Weinmacher KIRK VENGE (Bild oben rechts) tolle Bacio Divino Weine:
- seit Beginn 1993 BACIO DIVINO, der Cabernet Blend
- 1999 den PAZZO (Call me Crazy), ein Sangiovese Blend
- 2004 den JANZEN, Cabernets aus verschiedenen Rebbergen
- 2004 den VAGABOND, Syrah oder Petite Sirah
- 2009 den LUCIE, Chardonnay und Pinot Noir

Bacio Divino Cellars - Napa Valley California USA:
On the sun and vine-dappled slopes of the Napa Valley, overlooking the town of St. Helena, we took a chance. Possessed with an unshakable desire to create something of our ‘own’, and to make an impression both immediate and lasting, we embarked to produce a signature wine we could be proud to put our name on. It was 1993 and wine had a twinkle in its eye.

The act of winemaking involves equal parts mystery and mischief. With this combination at play we came up with not just one, but two, proprietary blends. First and foremost, Bacio Divino - a divine kiss of predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, with the added dimensions of Sangiovese and occasionally other varietals. And, in 1999, its vivacious kid sister, Bacio Divino PAZZO, was set loose; a Sangiovese-centric blend with undercurrents of Merlot, Syrah and a touch of our Bacio Divino estate Cabernet. Ever curious, we later ventured towards single varietals resulting in our namesake Bacio Divino JANZEN (2004), Bacio Divino VAGABOND (2004), and Bacio Divino LUCIE (2009).

Twenty vintages into our small family-run venture, we are immensely proud of our wines. Each acclaim humbles us, yet the desire to single out, blend, taste and create drives on. With hard work we have made many things come true. We hope you will find your own favorite amongst ours and that enjoying each will prove effortless.

Our Estate vineyards are set amongst the remarkable natural beauty of Dutch Henry Canyon, couched along the Eastern side of the Napa Valley.

Sherry’s Acre
Our smallest vineyard is a humble 1.2 acres with sweeping mountain views surrounded by an enchanting creek. Each fall, our harshest critics lumber by to sample the irresistible fruit of this remote, bear-friendly site.

Meadows Vineyard
Bordered on all sides by old growth forest, this vineyard’s cool and unusual microclimate makes for an extended ripening season. Picking often coincides with trick-or-treating, and fruit flavors tend to be intense and concentrated.

Cloudy’s Vineyard
High above the Valley floor, these two acres of vines are at the highest elevation and steepest location on our estate. The extra struggle the vines endure here imbues the fruit with ‘mountain essence’; blackberry intensity, nuances of cassis, and abundant tannins.

Claus & Diane Janzen - Grape Whisperers
Several ski seasons at an upscale establishment in Switzerland can be blamed for introducing a young Claus to fine wines – an encounter from which he will likely never recover. Later, after transplanting his family from Winnipeg, Canada to Napa, he spent 12 years at Caymus, developing for them the most enviable international marketing operation in the Valley. Meanwhile, Claus’ own viniculture ambitions were ripening. A chance acquisition of some practically-discarded Sangiovese grapes in 1993 led to the first vintage of Bacio Divino and the realization of a family estate. An accomplished photographer and music freak, Claus takes time out from the cellars on the nearest lake dock he can find.

Back in Winnipeg, Diane hosted many elaborate wine dinners, unintentionally fuelling her husband`s enophilia while honing her mastery of logistics. As manager of sales and customer relations she is the keel of the ship, keeping wine top-of-mind (and the captain in line). When not attending to your order, Diane can occasionally be found bottling her own olive oil.

Kyle Janzen - Town Crier
If anyone can speak to the origins of their wine exposure, it’s Kyle. At a very early age he mastered the corkscrew and not long after, the finesse of swirling, sniffing and eventually speaking. At first just an adorable asset to his parents’ wine dinners, it was later found that he had, in fact, inherited their predilection for a fine red. Kyle lives in sync with the rhythm of the winery from harvest to crush, blending to bottling. His hands-on experience in all of these areas makes him the perfect spokesperson for our wines.

Kirk Venge - Professional Enophile and Vine Coach
On the ground and behind the scenes, Kirk is an indispensable co-conspirator. His family roots run deep in viticulture and his passion for the industry has led to early recognition in the world of wine. Kirk`s heritage and tutelage along with his love for the process, give him an unequaled edge in the wine industry.

Risa Janzen - Media Wrangler
It’s possible that this woman has not gone a year without packing a suitcase. With several passports to her name and an ability to adapt to wherever her nomadic lifestyle takes her, Risa keeps her finger on the pulse of, well, everywhere. Our go-to gal for media communications and strategy, her extensive customer experience and insatiable appetite for what’s ‘trending’ keeps us out of the dark ages. This website you’re looking at has her fingerprints all over it.

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