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Rotwein - Duck Muck

gehaltvoller, fruchtiger Rotwein
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Rotwein Wild Duck Creek Estate Duck Muck Shiraz Australien 16,5 Vol.% (Drehverschluss)

Der australische Rotwein Wild Duck Creek DUCK MUCK Shiraz kommt aus dem Original-Weinberg von Wild Duck Creek Estate im Weinanbaugebiet von Heathcote - Central Victoria in Australien.

Dieser Rotwein Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck Shiraz wird nur produziert, wenn die Shiraz Trauben in sehr guter Qualität und spät gelesen werden können. Der Shiraz muss das Potential für einwandfreien, konzentrierten Presswein vorweisen. Nach der Handlese werden die Trauben getrennt vinifiziert. Gelangten in offenen Gärbehältern in denen die alkoholische Vergärung und die Mazeration (Extraktion der Farb-, Aroma- und Gerbstoffe aus den Traubenhäuten) stattfand. Der Tresterhut wird dabei mehrmals täglich von Hand untergestossen. Der australische Rotwein Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck Shiraz wurde anschliessend schonend mit der Korbpresse abgepresst. 20-25% Presswein des Shiraz werden separat in Barriques gefüllt. Die 24-monatige Reifung erfolgte in 100% neuen französischen und amerikanischen Eichen Weinfässer - 100% new Barriques.
Dieser australische Rotwein Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck Shiraz wird unfiltriert abgefüllt.

Der australische Rotwein Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck Shiraz ist einer der Highlights aus Australien. So intensiv, fruchtig wie kaum ein Anderer. Man bracht fast Gabel und Messer um ihn - noch bis mindestens 2035 - zu geniessen.

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WINEMAKERS NOTES Liam & David Anderson:
Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck Shiraz – Masses of flavour, a huge wine!!!
The Duck Muck Shiraz is made only in exceptional vintages. (about 1200 bottles)

In 1994 due to a more than abundant crop, Duck filled the winery with grapes, fermenting in anything that didn’t leak! This meant leaving part of one row of Shiraz unpicked in the Original Vineyard. As luck would have it, Duck forgot that these grapes existed until a good friend and fellow Shiraz-lover, David McKee, discovered them three weeks after vintage. The grapes were still in remarkably good condition, albeit a little over-ripe.

David McKee insisted that these wines be made separately. He bought a new barrel, and like Duck; gave most of his share away. Only later it was discovered to be quite an extraordinary wine!

Duck Muck is a materful explosion of contradictions, merging in harmony and captured in a bottle – a wine of power, concentration, structure and balance.

Wild Duck Creek Estate, located in the countryside around Heathcote, was established in 1974 by David & Diana Anderson and comprises nine acres of vineyard with fruit sourced from another seven vineyards in the area.

Robert Parker Jr.: Sadly, only 70 cases were produced... There is no doubting the extraordinary character and personality winemaker David Anderson has constructed... Opaque black purple-coloured, with a viscosity resembling vintage port, this thick, chewy Shiraz exhibits a panorama of black fruits intermixed with liquorice, tar, roasted herbs, and sweet oak. The acidity and tannin appear to be missing because of the wines wealth of fruit, glycerine, and extract. It is a surreal, other-worldly style of Shiraz that needs to be sipped rather than gulped given its power and intensity.

Rotwein Wild Duck Creek Estate Duck Muck Shiraz Wein Heathcote Victoria Australien Rotweine

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Das Weingut Wild Duck Creek Estate - Australien
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Land: Australien
Webseite: www.wildduckcreekestate.com
Adresse: Wild Duck Creek Estate, 764 Spring Flat Road, Heathcote, Victoria 3523, Australien, Tel: +61 3 5433 3133

Wild Duck Creek Estate - Heathcote Victoria Australien

Das Weingut WILD DUCK CREEK ESTATE befindet sich im australischen Weinanbaugebiet Heathcote - Central Victoria, gleich südlich des Städtchens Heathcote, etwas mehr als 1,5 Autostunden (130 km) nördlich von Melbourne und mind. 10 Stunden (900 km) südwestlich von Sydney in New South Wales.

Die Winery und Vineyards von Wild Duck Creek Estate sind nicht öffentlich zugänglich.
Die tollen Weine von Wild Duck Creek Estate können an monatlichen Events oder bei ausgesuchten Weinhandlungen in der Gegend degustiert und eingekauft werden.

Für Besuche, spezielle Wein-Degustationen oder Weinkeller-Führungen kontaktieren Sie bitte: wildduckcreek@bigpond.com

Zur Geschichte des australischen Weinguts von Wild Duck Creek Estate:
DAVID (DUCK) und DIANA ANDERSON (siehe Bilder) erwarben 1972 ein schönes Stück Land im Weinanbaugebiet bei Heathcote in Victoria, Australien, und pflanzten die ersten Weinrebenstöcke, der "Alans Cabernets Vineyard", benannt nach dem Vater von Duck, der leider kurz nach der Fertigstellung starb. 1974 gründeten sie dann offiziell das Weingut WILD DUCK CREEK ESTATE.

Erst Anfang 1991 zogen David und Diana mit ihren Kindern - Liam, Ngaire und Bridie - auf das Weingut und die ersten zwei kommerziell hergestellten Weine - ein SPRINGFLAT Shiraz und ein ALANS Cabernet - kamen auf den Markt. 1994 produzierten David und Diana den ersten DUCK MUCK, der schon bald als Kultwein avancierte.

Seit 2007 unterstützt Sohn LIAM ANDERSON (siehe Bild rechts der Traubenpresse) seine Eltern als Winemaker tatkräftig auf dem Familien-Weingut WILD DUCK CREEK ESTATE.

Wild Duck Creek Estate - Heatcote Victoria Australia:
For wine lovers DAVID (DUCK) and DIANA ANDERSON, the dream of growing vines and making wine began in 1972 with the purchase of their first block of land in Heathcote. Then in 1974 and 1979 came the first plantings, which is now the much-adored "Alans Cabernets Vineyard". Named after David’s father who passed shortly after planting finished. Duck and Diana have three children – Liam, Ngaire and Bridie.

David has built over 30 vineyards throughout Victoria and southern N.S.W, predominantly in the Yarra Valley and Macedon Ranges. He started winemaking as a hobby in his backyard shed in Hurstbridge, on the northern outskirts of Melbourne, often involving plenty of friends which is a practice still enjoyed today. Until the Alans Cabernets vineyard began bearing fruit, David sourced small parcels of fruit from vineyards close to their home to make his first wines.

With dreams of raising a family in the country, Diana and David decided to follow their hearts and move to Heathcote in 1991. That being the first vintage commercially available of Wild Duck Creek Estate’s Alans Cabernets and Springflat Shiraz. Once living and settled in Heathcote, David set about laying the foundations of what is now the main hall of the winery, which held all 15 or so barrels, a few small tanks, a basket press and a crusher. The philosophy of minimal intervention winemaking with a focus on absolute fruit quality, and the judicious use of the very best oak, is what David says great wine is all about. “From day one Diana and I have been focused on creating the best fruit expressions from selected vineyards, and let the vines make the wine. To us, that is what wine is all about.”

Since then, the business has grown slowly but steadily to what it is today. Their son, Liam, has also entered the mix, completing his Wine Science degree in 2007. Liam has also embarked on his own vineyard plantings 2kms from the winery on a site facing north east as the original Springflat vineyard does. His 10 years experience and observation has allowed him to take a key role in the management of the vineyards and winemaking.

“I’ve been lucky enough to draw on dad’s 25 or so years viticultural experience in the early years as well as gaining my own along the way. Dad let me try my hand at pruning when I was just 12 years of age on a select few vines in our Alans Cabernets vineyard. He said the best way to learn about vine and flavour development, is to prune the vines and watch their reaction through the growing season. Making sound viticultural decisions is the basis of creating the best wine possible from any particular site. He, better than anyone has taught me the relationship between the vineyard and the resulting wine, and knowing that making great flavour in the vineyard is how to make great wine.” Liam says.

We now have access to up to 10 vineyard sites within the Heathcote region, giving our wines depth, complexity and most importantly, consistency.

Wir haben vom Weingut Wild Duck Creek Estate - Geelong, Heathcote, Victoria - Australien vorallem Rotweine im Angebot. Tolle Weine!

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