Borra Vineyards - Kalifornien USA - Rotwein - 47.5° Red
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Rotwein - 47.5° Red

Blend Rot
gehaltvoller, trockener Rotwein
Passt zu
gereiften Käse
kräftige Fleischgerichte
Steak in allen Variationen
rotes Fleisch saignant gebraten
1 Stunde vor Genuss öffnen
bei 16-18 Grad servieren
schlanke, grosse Gläser
opt. Trinkreife
3-12 Jahre
34.80 Fr.
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Rotwein Borra Vineyards 47.5° Red Kalifornien USA 14 Vol.%

Der kalifornische Rotwein Borra Vineyards 47.5° Red besteht aus den Traubensorten:
- 80% Petite Sirah
- 10% Syrah
- 10% Mourvèdre
handgelesen am 14. + 15. Oktober 2011 von den Weinrebenlagen in Gill Creek Ranch im Weinanbaugebiet Lodi in Kalifornien, USA.

Nach der Fermentation des Free-Run-Mostes ohne mechanische Pressung und der malolaktischen Gärung (2. Gärung mit Säureabbau) mit ausgewählten Hefe-Kulturen, wurde dieser Rotwein Borra 47.5° Red für 17 Monate in französischen Eichen Weinfässern - French Oak Barrels - ausgebaut. Davon 75% neue Weinfässer.

Verantwortlich für die Vinification ist der ausgewanderte Schweizer MARKUS NIGGLI. Am 7. März 2013 wurde der Borra 47.5° Red in Weinflaschen abgefüllt. Jahres-Weinproduktion des kalifornischen Rotweins Borra 47.5° Red nur 115 Weinkisten à 12 Flaschen.

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FOUNDER & OWNER: Stephen (Steve) Juvenal Borra.
WINEMAKERS NOTES Swiss-Born Markus Niggli:
The decade`s coolest 2011 vintage has shaped our Borra Vineyards 47.5° Red into what is likely to be our most balanced and elegant blend of these varietals to date. In an attempt to descript the unique aromas, we`ll make up a name: "Crème de la Black Cherry" - which might translate into creamy cherries intermingling with rhubarb, earth, bacon and tany molasses. You`ll be tasting those tart cherries clearly upon a generous sip, once they emerge from a banquet of beefy braised mushrooms, coffee and our signature black licorice. All Play together in a concentrated complex balance that shows almost none of the alcohol "spiciness" than in more ripe vintages. As for food, throw a fast meaty-thick naked New York steak on the grill, or go for a longer braised short ribs with lots of mushrooms.
Only 115 cases of our Borra Vineyards 47.5° Red were produced.

Rotwein Borra Vineyards 47.5° Red Weine Lodi Kalifornien Nordamerika USA Rotweine

Kalifornischer Rotwein Borra Vineyards 47.5° Red USA

AWARDS Weingut Borra Vineyards Kalifornien USA:
2012 Winery of the Year - VISIT LODI! Kalifornien USA
ecetera.... ecetera....

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Das Weingut Borra Vineyards - Kalifornien USA
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Land: USA/Kalifornien
Webseite: www.borravineyards.com
Adresse: Borra Vineyards, 1301 East Armstrong Road, Lodi, CA 95242, Kalifornien, USA, Tel: +1 209 368 2446

Borra Vineyards - Lodi Kalifornien USA

Das Boutique-Weingut BORRA VINEYARDS befindet sich im kalifornischen Weinanbaugebiet Lodi - San Joaquin Valley, gleich am südlichen Rand des Wein-Städtchens Lodi, etwa 45 Minuten (40 Miles) südlich der kalifornischen Hauptstadt Sacramento und gut 1 1/2 Autostunden (95 Miles) östlich von San Francisco.

Alle Weine von Borra Vineyards können von Freitag bis Montag von 12.00 - 17.00 Uhr oder gegen Vereinbarung im Armstrong-Road-Tasting-Room auf dem Weingut degustiert und eingekauft werden.
An hohen Feiertagen geschlossen!

Für mehr Informationen, Weinkeller-Besichtigungen oder Wein-Degustationen kontaktieren Sie bitte Steve Borra oder Markus Niggli: Info@BorraVineyards.com

2006 kam der ausgewanderte Schweizer MARKUS NIGGLI (Bilder Mitte rechts) zu Borra Vineyards, um im Weinkeller auszuhelfen. Schon Bald übernahm er zusätzliche Aufgaben und Verantwortung bis er schliesslich das vollste Vertrauen von Steve Borra und 2010 die massgebliche Führung des Weinkellers erhielt.

Jahres-Weinproduktion vom Weingut Borra Vineyards in Kalifornien USA: ca. 5000 Weinkisten à 12 Flaschen.

Zur Geschichte des kalifornischen Weinguts Borra Vineyards:
Alles begann mit GIUSEPPE MANASSERO, der Grossvater des heutigen Besitzers STEPHEN JUVENAL BORRA (siehe Bild ganz oben links), als dieser Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts von Carru in Italien nach Lodi in Kalifornien auswanderte. Wie es seine italienische Herkunft verlangte, pflanzte er ein paar Weinreben auf seiner erstandenen Farm. Bald danach kam auch GIOVENELE BORRA mit seiner jungen Familie aus Benevagiena, Italien, nach Kalifornien und liess sich in der Nähe seinen Freundes Giuseppe nieder. Giovenele zog kurz darauf nach Redwood City und eröffnete ein Coiffeur Geschäft (Joe`s Barber Shop).

Giovenele`s Sohn, STEPHEN BORRA, interessierte sich jedoch mehr für die Weinmachers-Kunst und besuchte Giuseppe oft auf seinem Rebberg in Lodi. Dabei lernte er Guiseppe`s Tochter, LUCILLE MANASSERO, kennen und lieben. Sie heirateten und zogen auf eine Ranch in Lockeford, wo auch ihre zwei Kinder aufwuchsen, der einzige Sohn ist der heutige Besitzer von Borra Vineyards, STEPHEN (Steve) J. BORRA.

Steve heiratete BEVERLY BOWMAN 1966. Sie erwarben den 30 Aren Rebberg an der Armstrong Road in Lodi, den Geburtsort von Steve`s Mutter Lucille. Schliesslich gründeten Steve und Bev im Jahre 1975 offiziell das Weingut Borra Vineyards und produzierten vor allem Barbera und Carignan Weine. 1992 kamen weitere 200 Aren Weinreben am Mokelumne River - Gill Creek Ranch - dazu und auch das Borra Weinsortiment erweiterte sich stetig.

Borra Vineyards - Lodi California USA:
Borra Vineyards traces its roots in Lodi back three generations, and the roots go even further back to a small town in Italy. Stephen J. Borra is owner and original winemaker for Borra Vineyards, but the foundation of the winery goes back a hundred years ago to his maternal grandfather.

Over a century ago, Steves grandfather Giuseppe Manassero embarked on a journey from Carrú, Italy, to begin a new life. He made his way to Lodi, California, where he set out to create something that reminded him of la dolce vita in Italy. And with Italy as his muse, he planted the grapevine cuttings for what was to become a beloved family tradition that has grown into the family business.

Soon Giovenale Borra made the journey from Benevagiena, Italy, and settled in Lodi near his friend Giuseppe, followed by his wife and son Stephen Paul. Giovenale, a barber by trade soon moved the family to Redwood City where he settled and operated Joes barber Shop. But his son loved visiting the farm in Lodi, and his passion for farming grew there as well. And during his visits to Lodi, he met Lucille Manassero.

Giuseppes Daughter Lucille, was born, and grew up on the property of the current home of Borra Vineyards. Lucille was the youngest of five children.

Stephen and Lucille married, and the young couple settled on a nearby ranch in Lockeford. It was not long before Stephen Paul and Lucille were raising a family – and a vineyard – of their own. Stephen and Lucille raised two children on the family ranch, and their only son, Stephen (Steve) Juvenal Borra, is the current owner of Borra Vineyards.

Steves wife Beverly Bowman was also born on Armstrong Road, directly across the street from the winery today. After marrying in 1966, Steve and Bev saved enough money to follow in his familys footsteps by buying the home and the remaining 30 acres of the family ranch on Armstrong Road, the birthplace of his mother and the spot where his parents had met. It was more than a piece of land, or a vineyard, it was a piece of his family’s heritage – one that he could carefully leave to his children and grandchildren.

Swiss-born Markus Niggli was brought on by Steve Borra in 2006 to handle the cellar, but he quickly climbed the ladder to Winemaker in 2010. Markus was an early believer in natural winemaking with a goal of expressing the vineyard and each vintage as authentically as possible, ultimately resulting in his critically-successful fresh and racy whites, such as Intuition and the Artist Series. These show his European influence with higher acidity, not the typical rich, full-bodied California style. He’s made a fan in noted wine writer Randy Caparoso, who wrote: “Borra now produces the most ‘contemporary’ style wines grown in Lodi today, period.” Specifically regarding the 2011 Intuition, W. Blake Gray wrote: “This is a great wine, one of the best California white wines I’ve tasted this year. It’s delicious. And complex. And constantly interesting. Every sip was worth savoring. And it was even more delicious the second day.” But Markus does much more than make about 5,000 cases of wine each year. He modified the winegrowing at Borra’s 135 acre Gill Creek Ranch to achieve certification under Lodi Rules; works with designers to come up with new labels (Heritage/Intuition and Artist Series); manages the cellar and tasting room staff; and most importantly handles all wholesale and direct wine sales. Pre-wine, there’s a depth of travel sales and management experience that Markus picked up from American Airlines and from what is now the world’s leading tour operator, Kuoni Travel, based in his native Switzerland. At one point he was managing up to 75 people. But travel is a brutal industry, which lead him to Perth on the west coast of Australia, where he landed a position working both in the cellar and vineyard for Edgecombe Brothers, before moving on to Napa’s Atlas Peak and then Borra.

We own two vineyards that represent the very best of the Lodi Wine Appellation. Our Carrú Vineyard located in central Lodi, is the eldest of the two vineyards and has been in the family for over one hundred years. The vineyard was replanted in 1972 to Barbera. We increased our vineyard holdings in 1991 with the purchase of the 200-acre Gill Creek Ranch, located in the Clements Hills sub-AVA, already planted to old vine Zinfandel and Chardonnay. We have since planted additional acreage of Merlot, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Most winemakers agree that great wines are made in the vineyard. To achieve this, Stephen J. Borra, a third-generation Lodi grower has developed an uncompromising viticulture program that began with site selection, followed by matching the soils with rootstalks that minimize vigor. Row direction and trellising were designed to shade the fruiting zone during the hottest part of the day. Our annual program begins with cane pruning, followed by suckering, crop thinning, and minimal water usage. When verasion is complete, we are careful not to over water, and we remove any remaining green berries. Steve walks the vineyards several times a week, eagerly awaiting the development of flavors and the softening of the tannins. When the grapes are determined to be at their optimum for harvest, they are carefully hand picked and sorted for selection of the very best.

Weingut Borra Vineyards Lodi Kalifornien USA. Rotweine im Angebot. Tolle Weine!

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