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Rotwein - Elephant Wine

Blend Rot
gehaltvoller, trockener Rotwein
Passt zu
einfach so zum Vergnügen
gegrilltem Fisch
leichte Terrinen & Pasteten
zum Apèro
jungem Käse
Vegetarische Gerichte
schlanke, grosse Gläser
bei 8-10 Grad servieren
opt. Trinkreife
3-10 Jahre
25.90 Fr.
Menge �ndern
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Rotwein Conceito Wines Elephant Wine Merlot Cabernet Südafrika 14 Vol.%

Der südafrikanische Rotwein Conceito Elephant Merlot Cabernet kommt aus den Weinrebenlagen im Weinanbaugebiet Breedekloof und besteht aus den Traubensorten:
- 60% Merlot
- 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

Nach der separaten Pressung und Fermentation wurde der südafrikanische Rotwein Conceito Elephant Merlot Cabernet in gebrauchten Eichen Weinfässern - French Oak Barriques - malolaktisch Vergoren (2. Gärung mit biologischem Säureabbau) und ausgebaut. Anschliessend leicht filtriert in Weinflaschen abgefüllt.

Dieser südafrikanische Rotwein Conceito Elephant Merlot Cabernet zeigt in der Nase angenehme Fruchtnoten mit Aromen von schwarzen Früchten. Am Gaumen saftig, finessenreich mit grosser Intensität. In der Jugend bereits schon schön offen, jedoch mit grossem Entwicklungspotential. Würzig, mit Zedernnoten vom Eichenfass geht der Wein komplex in den lange anhaltenden Abgang über. Der südafrikanische Rotwein Conceito Wines Elephant Wine Merlot Cabernet benötigt ca. 3-4 Jahre bis zur optimalen Genussreife.

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Grape Variety:
Merlot 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%.

Alcohol Content: 14%

Tasting Note:
Conceito Elephant Wine Merlot Cabernet shows full of ripe plum, green pepper and chocolate with good toasted notes. Very Silky and engaging, full of fruit in the long and juicy finish.

Food Pairing:
Conceito Elephant Wine Merlot Cabernet finely accompanies red meats, roast beef, grilled meats.

Rotwein Conceito Wines Elephant Wine Merlot Cabernet Weine Breedekloof Südafrika Rotweine

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Das Weingut Conceito Wines - Südafrika
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Land: Südafrika
Webseite: www.conceito.com.pt
Adresse: Conceito - Breedekloof - South Africa by Conceito Wines Portugal, TEL./FAX: +351 279 778 059, CONCEITO@CONCEITO.COM.PT

Conceito Wines - Breedekloof Südafrika

Conceito Wines ist im Douro Tal in Portugal beheimatet und produziert mit seinen "KONZEPT"-Weinen auch Weine aus Ländern der Neuen Welt, wie Neuseeland oder Südafrika.

Das Weingut Conceito Wines kann in Südafrika nicht besucht werden, da die Weine unter Anleitung und Führung von Conceito auf anderen Weingütern gekeltert werden.

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Conceito Wines - Breedekloof South Africa:
The way that we conceive of the wine, the deep understanding of our region, is the starting point for the project, inspiration for our story. Hence the Brand (Conceito = Concept). Port wine has monopolized wine production here since the 18th Century, producing a landscape of extraordinary beauty. But only recently people become aware of the tremendous potential of the eastern Douro. Firstly, with the opening up of better access routes; and then with the table wine revolution. It has largely been this latter factor that has opened the way to a universe of specificities along the river course, a huge valley that can no longer be seen and cultivated as a uniform and undifferentiated whole. The wine will inevitably come to exhibit its various “terroirs”. Understanding them, working properly their widely differing altitudes, soils and microclimates is a journey from which there is no turning back, and one upon which we wholeheartedly embark. In search of the freshness and balance of our terrain. That is what we believe in. That is our Concept!

With the influx of investors (see Region), forgotten spots have undergone a revival, as is the case with our Teja valley: what was a remote area 30 years ago, has now become a lively and prosperous wine valley. Before it rushes down the slopes near Vesúvio, the Teja, a tributary to the Douro River, flows through a valley of gentle hills and mild climate, at an altitude between 300 and 400m. Dominated to the south by the village of Cedovim and in the northern heights by the ancient Numão Castle, the valley forms a narrow, stony, 4 kms long plateau that provides a particularly cool and mild microclimate (see “Terroir”). The family’s properties are dotted along this strip of land: the Quinta da Veiga, 20 hectares on the long straight stretch of road at the entrance to the valley; the Quinta do Chão-do-Pereiro, around 20 hectares in the northern heights with the Numão Castle as backdrop; and the Quinta do Cabido, so-named thanks to the sharp curve made by the river as it meets the slopes near the Douro, forming there a 23 hectare natural amphitheatre. As beautiful as it is inaccessible, it is the “jewel in the crown”! In addition to this, to the right, on the highest part of the valley, where schist gives way to granite, a 10 hectare vineyard where only white grape varieties are grown.

The balance of wine starts with the vineyard, for the secret lies in the fruit, but it also depends on the care invested in the winemaking process. For a manual harvest which is always faced with the great challenge of fruit selection: an initial selection is done in the vineyard and a second sorting takes place in the cellar on the selection table before the grapes are removed from the stalks. Thermo-controlled vats (of different sizes) are sufficient in number to provide an almost unlimited capacity for micro-winemaking, observing the origin of the grapes from their arrival in the cellar up to the end of the winemaking process. The combination of state-of-the-art stainless steel vats and traditional granite presses is an embodiment of the union between modernity and tradition that reigns in the cellar. As for the rest, everything is done to prevent excesses, whether in relation to temperature or extraction. The respect for the character of the wines is guided by the constant quest for balance in each wine and in each winemaking process. And anything that does not fall within this Concept is not worthy of our name!

The ideal to aim for in producing a wine is for it to be good at every stage of its evolution. This ideal only becomes possible when there is a perfect association between concentration and elegance, giving the wine its most important aspect: balance! For us, balance is the key word in production that is based on respect for the terroir. The constant search for the perfect balance allows for wines of great aromatic purity and complexity. We aim for the primordial characteristic. Even when we know that this might not be the most well-received, even knowing that this is the most demanding path to take. But that is our Concept!

Weingut Conceito Wines Breedekloof Südafrika. Weissweine und Rotweine im Angebot. Tolle Weine!

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