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Rotwein - Divergent

Coastal Region
Blend Rot
gehaltvoller, trockener Rotwein
Passt zu
einfach mit Brot/Snack
rotes Fleisch saignant gebraten
Steak in allen Variationen
rotes und weisses Fleisch
Pasta / Risotto
bei 16-18 Grad servieren
schlanke, grosse Gläser
opt. Trinkreife
2-9 Jahre
36.50 Fr.
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Rotwein Hogan Divergent Blend Red Südafrika 14 Vol.%

Der südafrikanische Rotwein-Blend Hogan Divergent von Weinmacherin JOCELYN HOGAN WILSON besteht aus folgenden Weintrauben ca.:
- 34% Carignan
- 33% Cinsault
- 33% Cabernet Sauvignon
Die handgelesenen, unbeschädigten Trauben kommen aus den südafrikanischen Weinanbaugebieten Wellington (Carignan, 13 Jahre alte Reben), Helderberg (Cinsault, 40 Jahre) und Stellenbosch (Cabernet Sauvignon, 17 Jahre).

Nach der separaten Mazeration (Extraktion der Farb-, Aroma- und Gerbstoffe aus den Traubenhäuten) & der natürlichen Fermentation in oben offenen Bottichen, wurden die einzelnen Traubensorten separat für ca. 3 Monate in 225lt Eichen Weinfässern - Barriques - ausgebaut. Danach geblendet und vor der Flaschenabfüllung Ende Jahr, nochmals für 6 Monate im Eichenfass gereift.

Dieses Hogan Rotwein-Cuvée Divergent von Jocelyn Wilson zeigt leuchtendes Rubinrot - in der Nase sehr fruchtige Aromen von roten Kirschen und Pflaumen, sowie zarte florale Noten. Am Gaumen ist dieser südafrikanische Rotwein Hogan Divergent Blend sehr elegant und frisch. Der Abgang ist lang anhaltend.
Ein besonderer Blend aus Südafrika für Liebhaber von eleganteren Weinen!

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Vinification and viticultural details -
The Hogan Divergent blend comprises of 34% Carignan, 33% Cinsaut and 33%
Cabernet Sauvignon. The Carignan was picked first towards the end of January
from 12 year old, unirrigated bush vines from Wellington. The Cinsaut, from the Helderberg region, was then picked in mid – February. These are 40-year old, unirrigated bush vines. Lastly, the Cabernet Sauvignon was picked mid-March from 16-year old trellised and irrigated vines from the Stellenbosch Region (Polkadraai). All components were crushed and destemmed (except for the Cinsaut which was 30% whole bunch) and naturally fermented. After fermentation the different varietals were pressed and kept separate in 225L barrels. In June the barrels were first racked and the Hogan Divergent blend was then made up after which the wine spent a further 6 months in barrel until bottling at the end of the year.

Tasting notes -
The nose of our Hogan Divergent shows lovely cherry and plum fruit, floral character, spice and freshness. Nicely textured with fresh acidity and soft tannins. Fine and expressive with wonderful purity.

Rotwein Hogan Wines Divergent Blend Red Weine Coastal Region Südafrika Rotweine

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Land: Südafrika
Webseite: www.hoganwines.com
Adresse: Hogan Wines, Dwarsriviershoek Farm, Banhoek Valley, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, Südafrika, Tel. 027 (0)21 885 1275, e-mail: jocelyn@mweb.co.za

Hogan Wines - Stellenbosch Südafrika

Die hochtalentierte JOCELYN HOGAN WILSON (siehe grosses Bild) keltert Ihre Hogan-Weine in Kleinstmengen auf ihrer schmucken Weinfarm im Banhoek Valley in der südafrikanischen Weinregion Stellenbosch - ca. 15 km östlich von Stellenbosch und eine gute Autostunde (60 km) östlich von Kapstadt gelegen.

Für einen Besuch mit Besichtigung und Weindegustation kontaktieren Sie vorher unbedingt Jocelyn: Tel. 027 (0)21 885 1275, e-mail: jocelyn@mweb.co.za

Die verschiedenen Weintrauben für Ihre drei Weine (inkl. der brandneue SEAL POINT) stammen aus alten Reben diverser Regionen ums Kap der Guten Hoffnung (Swartland, Helderberg, Wellington, Stellenbosch usw.). Definitiv einer der leuchtendsten, neuen Sterne am Südafrikanischen Weinhimmel!

Unterstützt wird Jocelyn auf der Dwarsriviershoek Farm von Ihren Eltern, DUNSTAN & TRISH HOGAN, und vielen fleissigen Helfern in der Erntesaison.

Zur Geschichte des Weinguts Hogan Wines aus Südafrika:
1997 kam Jocelyn Hogan Wilson das erste mal mit ihren Eltern in die südafrikanischen Winelands. Nach einigen Lehrjahren auf verschieden Weingütern im In- und Ausland und einer Babypause von 4 Jahren kam sie zurück und gründete 2014 ihr eigenes kleines Weingut HOGAN WINES im südafrikanischen Banhoek Valley, nahe Stellenbosch.

Erst (2014) vinifizierte Jocelyn nur einen Chenin Blanc aus Trauben aus der Swartland-Region. 2015 kam das rote Cuvée dazu und 2017 auch der Seal Point, ein Cinsault / Carignan Blend. Aber immer nur in kleinen Mengen. Darum sind die Weine von Jocelyn Hogan Wilson bis Heute extrem limitiert!

Hogan Wines - Stellenbosch South Africa:
Produced by Jocelyn Hogan Wilson - Winemaker, Hogan Wines.

Each bottle of Hogan-wine should contain the unique story of its vintage. For us, making wine right now in South Africa, is about being part of a revolution that is changing the ideals of winemaking. It is shifting the emphasis back to the farmers and the small-scale wine producers, who in their separation of laudable vineyards and attention to small batches of wine, are able to showcase the best South Africa has to offer.

We feel wine should be a history lesson of what the vine has experienced over the year, whether good or bad. No year is ever the same. Our Hogan-wines are never going to be consistent. We don’t want to make wine to a recipe; we want to make natural, site-specific, vintage driven wines.

We’ve selected vineyards suited in terms of climate and soil to the varietals we make. We’ve looked for older vines which tell the story of the vintage through their well-established root systems, gnarled trunks and lower yields.

Through our close relationships with the farmers, we’ve tried to gain an understanding of the nuances of each vineyard, an understanding pivotal to making good wine.

Hogan Wines is a small, family-run business. After seven years of working with various wineries in the Cape and overseas, I now have the privilege of teaming up with my parents, Dunstan and Trish Hogan. We produce our wines in a cellar in the Banhoek Valley.

The grapes of our first Hogan-vintage were harvested in 2014. Luckily for us, this was a great year for our decades’ old bush-vines grown in the hot, asperous Swartland. It is an exciting time and place to be a winemaker. I hope you will experience it with us, in each bottle of our Hogan wine.

More to tell......
As a teenager, I had my sights set on becoming a botanist. I love to get my fingers into the soil, watch a seed or cutting being nurtured and to see it grow into something beautiful. I also knew that an office job would never work for me. A tangibility factor has always been very important for me.

Growing up in the Eastern Cape, I was never really exposed to the wine industry.

In 1997 when I was 16 years old, I came to visit the winelands with my family. My father was great friends with a gentleman called Glynn Kent (who sadly passed a few years ago), and his son Marc Kent was setting up Boekenhoutskloof in Franschhoek. At that stage they were planting the vines and setting up the cellar. Meeting Marc was a turning point for me. His passion for wine was infectious. It was like a spark being ignited for me.

I was intrigued with the concept that a single glass of wine tells the story of an entire year: weather conditions, how well the vine was treated, an expression of soil and site in a glass. What a magical concept. I was hooked and knew this was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

I studied a BSc Agriculture in Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University. What an amazing 4 years of my life. To study what you love with like-minded students and to have the jol of your life. Highly recommended. It was a small group of us who graduated in the end (about 30 of us) and this tight knit group of people have been so important as friends to count on during my career journey.

My first job was as a cellar hand for a harvest season at winery in Margaret River, Australia. This was a fantastic experience to learn the basics of how a big cellar operates. It was extremely physical. Women are expected to do exactly what men can do physically (in this type of working environment) in Australia. I remember being in tears one morning asking my housemate to help me lug 25m pipes across a 100m space. But nevertheless it taught me some valuable lessons about keeping a cellar in ship shape condition and about cellar design.

I came back to SA after this harvest to a job as the assistant winemaker at Flagstone winery. What a dynamic winery this is. They make a huge array of grape varieties and are dynamic in their marketing and branding. Bruce Jack (owner and cellarmaster) was a wonderful mentor to me, especially in refining my palate with blending wines. He is a master at this.

After two years at Flagstone, my big break came. I got the job as winemaker and general manager at La bri wine estate in Franschhoek. This job entailed a complete revamp of branding and improvement of the wines. It was a wonderfully holistic overview of the running of a wine farm. I was the marketer, winemaker, book keeper, building supervisor, cellar hand etc.

I assisted with the design of the new cellar and my design concept with the Cape botanical etchings on the labels are one of my proudest achievements at La bri. I was awarded best Cabernet Sauvignon in SA by Christian Eedes for my 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon in 2013. Sadly 2009 was my last vintage at La Bri.

Our son was born late 2008 and we knew we wanted to have another child. The time away from home marketing was just too much for bringing up small children. I took a 4 year break from the industry to spend time with our children.

By mid-2013 I was itching to get back into winemaking.

After lengthy discussions with my father, over many bottles of wine we decided to start up Hogan Wines together. The idea was to start small, rent cellar space, buy in grapes and to make natural wines.

It had always been a desire of mine to experiment with natural fermentation but had not been possible in my previous jobs due to the high risk factor. I would now be able to make wines exactly how I wanted to…I was tickled pink with the idea.

That freedom in it being your own is indescribably uplifting and motivational. In 2014 we harvested our first grapes from Swartland 38 year old bush vine Chenin blanc. Gorgeous stuff. The wine was fermented naturally in French oak barrels (only 5 barrels made) and was bottled in November 2014. We plan on releasing the wine in May 2015.

For this 2015 harvest… we are so pleased with the 2014 Chenin blanc that we doubled the volume of the wine (now 10 barrels) and we are also making a red wine blend of Cabernet, Cinsaut and Carignan (also all natural fermentations).

So Hogan Wines is well on its way. Now comes the selling. We are confident that the quality of the wine will speak for itself. We plan to sell the wine virally and in bespoke wine shops as an artisanal, naturally made wine. We already have an extensive mailing list of potential customers who have requested to be put on the buyers list for our launch in May. This has been through word of mouth and our Instagram page (hoganwines). The wine will always be in small, limited volumes and will always be made naturally.

What I have learnt on this perpetual journey so far:
1.“Trust your taste”This is Flagstone’s slogan and there couldn’t be a truer word said about tasting wine. Go with your gut. It’s kinda like a multiple choice test. Your first answer is often the correct one. Don’t hesitate.

2.Don’t take no for an answer. If you want to make something happen you will need to frequently overcome the answer “no”.

3.Don’t be shy to ask for help or advice. It’s the only way you are going to learn.

4.Practice. In my case… very desirable practice: keeping ones palate up to date.

5.Tasting, talking about, judging and comparing notes about wines, as often as possible. Good wine cannot be made without tasting the best the world has to offer. At varsity I didn’t have the budget to taste the worlds’s best. So I waitressed at Decameron in Stellenbosch in my 1st year and in my 3rd year I worked as a sommelier at 96 Winery Road Restaurant. This exposed me to some fantastic wines and also to the SA restaurant industry. The consumers’ taste is an important thing to understand as well.

6.Allow yourself to be emotional or (in my industry) romantic about what you do. It evokes passion, spirit and free flow of ideas. Our quote on our back label is from Oscar Wilde: “I threw the pearl of my soul into a cup of wine. I went down the primrose path to the sound of flutes. I lived on honeycomb”

A good friend in the wine industry once said to me “The magical thing about wine is that you can never stop learning more about it”…so my perpetual journey continues.

Wir haben vom Weingut Hogan Wines - Stellenbosch - Südafrika vorallem Weissweine und Rotweine im Angebot. Tolle Weine!

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